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Finding inspiration for the best photograph in Halifax is easy. From scenic beaches to historic buildings, there are so many stunning places. Explore the street art, colourful houses, buildings full of history, lively waterfront, harbour views, and coastal hikes. Wherever you explore in Halifax, be sure to have your camera handy.   

To help you plan your next photography tour of Halifax, we have some fantastic ideas and a list of the best photography spots. So, get ready to experience this young and vibrant city to its fullest. Capture tons of memories along the way. 

The 8 most instagrammable locations in Halifax 

Whether you’re planning to explore Halifax on foot or by car, make sure to list places to capture Instagram-worthy pictures. Here we have curated an exclusive list of the most instagrammable locations for you, don’t forget to bookmark it for future travels. 

The Halifax Central Library

Halifax Central Library

Looking like a cantilevered stack of books, this library was designed by Halifax and Danish architects. One of the best photography spots around this landmark is right across the street on Spring Garden road. From the crisscrossed stairs and pathways to the stunning views overlooking the city, this library is just picture-perfect inside and out. 

Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse

Most Instagramable locations in Halifax
Peggys Cove Lighthouse, Halifax

This lighthouse is one of the most instagrammable locations in Halifax. Peggy’s cove is about 45 minutes away from downtown and worth the drive. Don’t miss taking a picture with the purple wall beside Bubba Magoos. Climb the rocks near the lighthouse for a picture-perfect moment with the high waves, then check out the wharves and fishing coves. If you are a foodie, we recommend you to stop by the Peggy’s Cove Lobster U-cook for the famous lobster roll and DeeDee’s for ice cream. 

Halifax Waterfront Boardwalk

When traveling to Halifax, how can you miss North America’s longest continuous waterfront boardwalk? One of the most happening spots to capture people, celebrations, and the scenic beauty of the Halifax waterfront. Every summer, locals, and tourists flock here to be a part of all the different festivals like  – the Buskers Festival, Jazz Festival, and Oyster Fest. While there, don’t forget to check out the art display, large floating dock, and even the drunken lamp posts. 

Point Pleasant Park

This 75-hectare park borders the harbour, and Northwest Arm is a great spot to capture ocean views, pictures of boats, and all the changing colours of nature. The park is in full bloom during the spring and summer months, and you’ll be proud of some of the pictures you have taken. While you are at Point Pleasant Park, stroll through the different walking trails in the park, explore the wilderness, and take some incredible moody weather shots. 

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The Old Town Clock

Most Instagramable locations in Halifax

This iconic Halifax landmark is absolutely photogenic and should not be missed. Overlooking the city atop Citadel Hill, the Old Town Clock offers a gorgeous view of the harbour. 

Agricola Street

Agricola street is filled with colourful and vibrant buildings. Being one of the most instagrammable locations in Halifax, this street has houses of yellow, blue, and dark purple colours. Isn’t that a great way to add colours to your Instagram feed? Along the way, there are some unique restaurants that serve delicious local food too. Before you continue exploring the town, don’t forget to stop by and grab a quick bite. 

Lawrencetown Beach Provincial Park

When you google for the most instagrammable beaches around the world, you’ll see Lawrencetown Beach pop up quite a few times. Forty-five minutes from downtown Halifax, this beach is the perfect location to relax and capture the stunning sunrise.

Halifax Public Gardens

Most Instagramable locations in Halifax

Dating back to 1867, these Victorian gardens are one of Halifax’s most instagrammable places. In summer, these gardens are in full bloom. You’ll also see some unique plants, fountains, statues, bridges, and lots of ducks. It’s a fantastic place to snap some photographs, relax and enjoy a good picnic with your loved ones. 

The Halifax to Dartmouth ferry, Downtown Dartmouth, all the Historic Properties, Tufts Cove Smoke Stacks, the Citadel Hill, and the Halifax Convention Centre are some of the great spots you can photograph. After you visit Halifax, we are sure that your camera roll will be filled with tons of memories and scenic locations you have explored. 

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