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Yukon is a Canadian province that boasts history, nature and culture in abundance. June, July and August being the peak summer months, this is one of the few places where you can spot midnight sun. From camping in Tombstone Territorial Park to exploring the historic Dawson city, there are so many things to do in Yukon territory. 

Picture taken on a sunny day Tagish Lake & Bowe Island, Yukon, Canada during early summer during late spring.

Summer in Yukon

The summer months in this province are from late June to September. And like most other Canadian provinces, it is also the peak time for tourists to explore. During the peak summer time, the sun usually sets right before midnight and the temperatures typically go as high as 26 degrees. If you were too busy exploring Yukon during the daytime and wanted to get a good tan, you can definitely squeeze in a tanning session right before midnight. 

Things to do during summer in Yukon

Whether you are a historical buff or an adventure junkie, Yukon is a spectacular destination that offers an experience for every kind of traveller. Here’s a list of things that you can enjoy during the summer months in Yukon. 

Scenic view of the city of Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada from above, along the hiking trails near the airport. Bluffs, Yukon River and mountains in the background.

Enjoy the comforts of the capital city, Whitehorse

Whitehorse in Yukon is the capital city with several unique attractions. When in Whitehorse, you are going to have a busy and packed day with fun activities. You can start your day with a hike of the millennium trail to get an up-close view of the Yukon river, followed by a tour of SS Klondike, a steamboat from 1937 on display. Whitehorse is also the starting point for several road trips and expeditions of the places you’ll discover during your trip to Yukon. 

Canoe and paddles beached on shore of beautiful Teslin River in the remote wilderness of Yukon Territory, Canada, the river surface reflecting delicate sunset colors

Paddle a Canoe 

Explore the wilderness and experience the remote province of Yukon on a canoe. The Alsek and Tatshenshini rivers are great spots to enjoy paddling. It’s fun to see thousands of salmon spawning and making their way upstream of these rivers. You can try canoeing and experience this incredible water adventure in one of the four Canadian heritage rivers, the Yukon River, the Teslin River, the Nisutlin River, and the Big Salmon River.

Experience the midnight sun

Yukon is famously known as the ‘land of the midnight sun’. During the summer months, the sun sets close to midnight and the days are extremely long. Unlike northern lights, you don’t have to chase the midnight sun. This natural wonder can be experienced anywhere in Yukon. All you need to do is plan your day and pack it with activities to make the most of these extended daylight hours. 

Exterior of Yukon Transportation Museum In Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada

Visit the Yukon Transportation Museum 

Located near Beringia Museum and the Whitehorse Airport on the Alcan Highway, Yukon Transportation Museum is a great spot to visit. While you are there, take some insta-worthy photographs and learn more about the history of transportation. This hard-to-miss museum has a historic plane, a DC-3 aircraft, CF-CPY, with her original 1950s vintage Canadian Pacific Airlines colours right outside. 

Some Travel Essentials Curated for You

Take on a hiking challenge

This wild Canadian province can be best explored while going on an epic hiking trip. One of the key highlights of Yukon is the Kluane National Park. This park is also home to some of the best trails and reserves. Enjoy a beautiful multi-day trek that starts either in Kathleen Lake or Mush Lake Road. This dream hiking destination offers amazing views of the alpine and subalpine landscapes. 

Mileys Canyon at Whitehorse in Canada

Visit the beautiful Mileys Canyon

Steep banks, gushing waters, a stunning lookout and a picture-worthy suspension bridge are all key highlights of this location. Miles Canyon is located a short drive away from downtown Whitehorse and is another one of the popular spots to enjoy a good trek. The suspension bridge at the Miles Canyon was originally built in 1922. 

Explore Yukon Wildlife Preserve

Love learning about wildlife and spending time in the wilderness? Visit Yukon Wildlife Preserve and you get to see animals such as moose, muskox, lynx, caribou and more. Yukon is a spectacular destination that boasts varied ecosystems. Home to the continent’s most rare and impressive species, Yukon Wildlife Preserve has at least 10 species of northern Canadian mammals. You could either choose a 5-kilometre hike or one of the guided bus tours. 

Liard Hot Springs Alaska Highway, Yukon, Canada

Relax in the hot springs

Takhini Hot Springs is over 100 years old and is a popular attraction in this province. The waters of this hot spring are rich in minerals and have comfortable temperatures too. For those who enjoy camping, there are camping grounds and hostels available too. 

Admire the beauty of Emerald Lake

There is no better time to capture the essence and beauty of Emerald lake than in summer. This natural beauty is located only a few kilometres away from Whitehorse. The green, scenic vistas during the early summer months are a mesmerizing view. If you choose to visit during August and September, late summer, you’ll start seeing stunning colours of the fall season. 

Explore one of the best small towns in Canada

Dawson City in Yukon territory is one of the best historic small towns in all of Canada. Back in 1896, during the gold rush, Dawson City was densely populated with over 30,000 people and now it has dropped to 1,400. We recommend you take a guided tour of the city and learn about the history of the crooked buildings and boardwalks there. 

For more adventure, you can take a walk over the dunes at the Carcross desert, explore another one of the oldest gold rush towns nearby and even visit the haunted and historic Caribou hotel. 

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