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Snow and extreme winters are not the only seasons in the Northwest Territories of Canada. Summers and falls are a great time to visit and explore this destination. Known for diamonds, the gold rush and their extremely cold weather, this is one of those less explored destinations in Canada. Northwest Territories of Canada is the second largest in the area and has about 45,000 population. From traditional villages to discovering the best of wilderness, there are so many places to add to your list. 

Best 9 places to see in the Northwest Territories of Canada 

Nahanni National Park Reserve and Virginia Falls

Top places to visit in the Northwest Territories
Helipad at Virginia Fall campground at the Nahanni National Park Reserve, Canada

Situated about 500 kilometres away from the capital city, Yellowknife, this national park was designated a UNESCO world heritage site. For those seeking adventure, there are plenty of activities you could do. From hiking to canoeing, this is the ultimate destination for an adventure junkie. Hike up to see the stunning scenic canyon views of the Mackenzie Mountains and Nahanni River making its way through these mountain ranges.

Virginia falls located within this national park is a wonder in itself. It is twice as tall as Niagara falls. Travelling to this location by road can be a little challenging. It’s best to charter a floatplane out of Fort Simpson or Yellowknife to reach the national park. 

Great Slave Lake

Top places to visit in the Northwest Territories
Great Slave Lake Landscape Panorama of North Arm from Tililo Tili Point, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada

This is the deepest lake in all of North America and the tenth biggest lake in the world. Bordering the capital city, this lake can be best explored on a float plane. While you are there, enjoy the breathtaking views of the lake and spend some time kayaking. You could also go fishing and even spot the Northern Lights, the possibilities are endless. 

Wood Buffalo National Park

Another one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, this national park is the second largest on the planet and the biggest national park in Canada. Whooping cranes, bison and wood buffaloes are inhabitants of this national park. These rare species have found their forever home, and can also be found on the highway near town as you drive by. 


Top places to visit in the Northwest Territories
Yellowknife Landscape Panorama from Bush Pilots Monument, Northwest Territories, Canada

This is the capital city of Northwest territories and is home to the biggest airport. From secluded fishing vacation to witnessing the magnificent aurora borealis, Yellowknife has many things to do, see and enjoy. With a history dating back thousands of years, you can discover the exhibits, and artifacts and learn more about the fur trade at the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Center. If you are a nature lover, check out one of the easiest and most scenic hiking trails – Cameron Falls Trail. old heritage buildings, Bush Pilot’s Monument and a blend of new and old are the best parts of the downtown. 

Hay River

Louise Falls ialong Hay River n the Twin Falls Gorge Territorial Park, Northwest Territories, NWT, Canada.

Hay River is the largest town in the area and the southernmost port on the Mackenzie River System. For those who enjoy golfing, you’ll be able to enjoy a good game at one of the best golf courses in the north. Hiking through the trails of Twin Falls Park to get the most spectacular view of waterfalls is also going to be an extra special experience. While you are there, don’t forget to stop by the Fisherman’s Wharf to grab a bite of their delicious fish and chips. 

Ice Roads

Crossing the MacKenzie River Ice Bridge

If you have seen the show “Ice Road Truckers” on the history channel, would you believe it if we said it was filmed on these roads? Well, that’s true. Northwest Territories of Canada are home to the world’s longest ice road and it is an experience that must not be missed. These roads connect you to mines and remote communities of the Northwest Territories. If you haven’t driven on ice roads, it can be dangerous and only an experienced tour operator can help you navigate through these difficult routes. 

Some Travel Essential for you

The Great Bear Lake

Listed among the planet’s largest bodies of freshwater, the Great Bear Lake is spread over a surface area of 31,400 sq km with a depth of 440 meters. This massive, untouched Arctic lake is the 4th largest lake in North America and the eighth largest in the world. This river is covered in ice for about eight months of the year, and grizzly bears roam the shores. For travelers seeking adventure, you could book a guided fishing tour of the Great Bear Lake. 

Canol Trail

This 350-kilometre-long heritage trail starts from Norman Wells and is the longest, toughest hiking trail in North America. Hike through the world’s last great mountain range, if you are up for a challenge this rigorous backpacking trail is an exceptional one. As you explore through the trail, you’ll see historic structures and remains from the Second World War. You’ll also spot Carcajou Falls, one of the most idyllic ones and the famous Dodo Canyon. As you continue through the trail, army trucks and tractors from the 1940s showcase the monumental efforts of the war. You’ll also spot Dall’s Sheep and other wildlife on these pristine lands. 

Great Northern Arts Festival

This interesting art festival is hosted on the grounds of Inuvik. Experience the local culture, and art and interact with the people over a period of 10 days. This is also your opportunity to meet and interact with the artists while seeing them live in action. Apart from that, you’ll also see traditional shows, workshops and talent at this longest-running festival of Arctic art and music in North America. 

Keele River, Inuvik, and Victoria Island are some bonus ideas of places you could visit in the Northwest Territories of Canada. For those seeking unique travel experiences and want to explore the less explored, this is your ultimate destination. We promise you’ll not be disappointed! 

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