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St. John’s in Newfoundland and Labrador is located in a ruggedly beautiful region. There are so many attractions to explore within the city as well as outside. From jellybean Row houses to the rugged coastal views, St. John’s is one of the popular destinations in Canada.

But if you have already explored all these places within the city, we have some day trip ideas you could check out during your visit. These are located just minutes away from St. John and are incredibly photogenic. These are some of the most instagrammable spots near St John’s that must not be missed.

Witless Bay Ecological Reserve

Best Photography Locations Near St John’s, Newfoundland &Labrador
Witless Bay view from Ferryland

Located just 30 kilometers away from the city, Witless Bay Ecological Reserve is a great spot to capture nature at its full glory. No matter what time or season of the year it may be, you’ll be able to see different seabird species and marine life.

A Pair of Razorbill at Witless Bay

The reserve comprises four separate islands and is one of the best photography locations near St John’s. Known to be the largest colony of Atlantic puffins in North America, every year, about 250,000 nesting pairs of puffins make this reserve their summer home from May to August.

La Manche Suspension Bridge

Best Photography Locations Near St John’s, Newfoundland &Labrador
View of La Mance Suspension Bridge

La Manche Provincial Park is about 60 kilometers from St. John’s and is one of the most instagrammable spots. This suspension bridge is located along the 335-km-long East Coast Trail, and it will take nearly a full day to complete the hike. If you take the easier route, you can always drive and enjoy the scenic route.

Along the way, you can also spot the historic remains of the abandoned La Manche Village. Take photographs of the suspension bridge, a perfectly placed waterfall in the background, and the remains of La Manche Village. As you continue to explore the locality, you’ll also get to capture the beauty of the Quarry and enjoy the fabulous coastal scenery. 

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Ferryland Lighthouse

Best Photography Locations Near St John’s, Newfoundland &Labrador
Aerial View of Ferryland Lighthouse

Lighthouses are a perfect picture backdrop. This famous and historic lighthouse is located on the Avalon Peninsula and has a history that dates back to 1870. Ferryland Lighthouse is also great for whale-watching, especially during summers. Situated between Cape Spear and Cape Race, Ferryland Lighthouse is a short hike along a walking trail from the Colony of Avalon. 

Bell Island

Twenty minutes away from St. John’s, capture the beauty of these dramatic sheer cliffs of Bell Island. Whether it is the Grebe’s Nest beach or the Bell Island Lighthouse, everything about this location is spectacular. While there, don’t forget to photograph the sea stack, high cliffs, and tunnel while there. For those who enjoy night photography, this is a great spot to capture the cliffs along with a starry night sky. Every photograph taken from this location will have a thumb-stopping potential on Instagram. 

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Best Photography Locations Near St John’s, Newfoundland &Labrador
Boats and Shoreline at Brigus

This is one of our favourite towns on the Avalon Peninsula. Besides the relaxed fishing village vibe, there are so many different attractions to explore and photograph. Old St. George Church, harbour views, the birthplace of Captain Robert Bartlett, Hawthorne Cottage National Historic Site, Bartlett Memorial, Bartlett Monument, and Brigus Tunnel are some of the most instagrammable spots. 

Conception Harbour Shipwreck

Abandoned Whaling Ship at Conception Harbour

Get to the Conception Harbour Shipwreck from St. John’s in just 45 minutes. Here, you’ll spot several sunken fishing vessels, old whaling ships, and a half-sunken shipwreck. They may all be rusty, but they all have historical significance and will add a rustic tone to your photographs. This is also one of the most famous scuba diving and snorkeling sites. 

There are many possibilities for discovering and photographing places near St. John’s. It has an exceptional coastline with many picturesque spots to capture. If you are looking for more ideas, we recommend you check out Dildo harbour, the Green Point Lighthouse, Petty Harbour, and the Cape Spear Lighthouse.

Capespaer lighthouse at dusk

These locations can get busy and touristy during the summer months. It’s best to be the first to get to these locations and experience the gorgeous sunrise views. St.John’s is one of the most mesmerizing destinations you’ll visit. The scenic views, the stunning landscapes, adorable fishing villages, and the tall lighthouses are definitely a satisfying experience for photographers to capture.

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