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Top 5 Summer Camping Locations in Quebec. Whether it’s camping or “glamping” that you’re looking for, Quebec has it to offer. Depending on which campground you choose to stay in, you’ll be accompanied by extraordinary wildlife opportunities, impeccable accommodations, and unique natural landscapes. 

Top summer camping locations in Quebec
Camping at Quebec

While it isn’t particularly known for its camping opportunities, Quebec is a highly diverse province, both culturally and experientially. In other words, it offers a tremendous variety of activities to partake in, one being, well, camping! 

With that said, what follows will be a peek behind the curtains at the coveted outdoor camping opportunities that Quebec so evidently offers. More specifically, we’ll list our top five choices for the best camping locations in la belle province…

Without further ado, below are the top 5 locations for camping in Quebec during the summer: 

  • Mont-Tremblant National Park
  • Jacques-Cartier National Park
  • Gaspésie National Park
  • Gatineau Provincial Park
  • Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve 

1. Mont-Tremblant National Park

Top summer camping locations in Quebec- Mont-Tremblant National Park
View of the Diable Devil River, in Mont Tremblant National Park, Quebec, Canada

A list of the top Quebec camping locations wouldn’t be complete without mention of its most prized possession and most famous landmark, Mont-Tremblant National Park. 

Though it’s home to some of the most pristine and sought-after skiing and snowboarding opportunities this beautiful country offers, it also happens to be an incredible summer destination for those looking to explore, camp, and adventure to their heart’s content. 

A few camping essentials for you

Boasting six rivers, 400+ lakes, and 887 campsites of all types, it’s an outdoorsmen’s playground. In short, a trip to Quebec isn’t a trip without paying a visit to the second-largest national park in the province; while there, why not make a camping trip out of it? 

2. Jacques-Cartier National Park

Top summer camping locations in Quebec
A quiet lake in the beautiful Jacques Cartier National park during summer with boat and kayaks

Any article listing the Top 5 Summer Camping Locations in Quebec would be incomplete without mention of this park. Located just north of Quebec City, Jacques-Cartier National Park is the ultimate camping location for those looking for complete peace and tranquillity. Why? Because each campsite is uniquely designed primitively to ensure a feeling of privacy in the wilderness. 

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With incredible landscapes, stunning white river rapids, mountainous peaks and valleys, and an abundance of wildlife, there’s no reason why one wouldn’t absolutely love camping at this Quebec National Park. 

3. Gaspésie National Park

on the trail of the Gaspesie National Park in Quebec, Canada. Hiking through the mist and rainy clouds.

Known for boasting the highest mountain peak in all of the Canadian Appalachian Mountains, Gaspésie National Park happens to be much more than just its incredible panoramic views of the park. 

In fact, it’s also one of the most abundant National parks regarding wildlife and its potential for mass sightings; from caribou and moose to salmon and wild birds, it’s a photographer’s dream. 

4. Gatineau Provincial Park

Top summer camping locations in Quebec
Yellow waterplane taking off from a lake in Gatineau Park in Canada

Uniquely situated just minutes outside of the provincial border near Ontario’s capital city of Ottawa, Gatineau Provincial Park is the perfect destination for those looking to be in two provinces in one day. Whether you’re visiting Ontario and want to cross off another province while there OR if you’re a resident of Ottawa itself, this provincial park of Quebec is the ideal destination in the summer. 

With an abundance of hiking and biking trails and a myriad of different campsite options, it’s the perfect grounds for those of the adventurous type. Not to mention, a beautiful and bustling beach accompanies it! 

5. Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve 

Panorama of Le chateau and Agneau monolith in Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve in Quebec in Canada

The most unique of Quebec camping locations, Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve, is simply awe-inspiring. With picturesque limestone rock formations throughout and compiling a total of 40 small islands, it’s here where you’ll experience a one-of-a-kind camping experience. 

So, whether you want to island hop during the day and stargaze at night or stay put on one island of choice and make the most of your stay by fishing, boating, swimming, and hiking, it’s all possible here at this national reserve. 

With only 44 sites, please book as soon as possible before they’re all taken! 

Quebec, a Hidden Gem for Summer Camping!

With abundant camping opportunities here in this French-Canadian province, it can be challenging to narrow it down to the top five options. With that said, the five summer camping locations in Quebec, as discussed, are undeniably amongst the best locations that it offers its visitors.

Whichever campground, or provincial park you choose as your final camping destination, there’s no doubt that you’ll make unforgettable summer camping memories. 

What are you waiting for?! Book your dream camping vacation today! Enjoy…

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