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Montreal is one of the most happening cities in Canada, there is never a dull moment. March is overflowing with celebrations, concerts, art exhibitions, and street parties. 

Festival de Casteliers

Date: March 1 – 5, 2023 Venue: 30, avenue St-Just

This Annual international festival dedicated to puppetry arts is a fun event for both adults and children alike. From shadow puppetry to ventriloquism, this is a captivating showcase of talented artists. The program details are available online and you can book your tickets too. 

Biennial festival Montréal / Nouvelles Musiques (MNM)

Date: Feb 23 – March 5, 2023 Venue: Several venues across Montreal 

This is a musical celebration that spans over 10 days focusing on contemporary and experimental music. On its 50th anniversary, the organizers have planned over 20 concerts, orchestras, ensembles, soloists, an electroacoustic laboratory, conferences and so much more! 

Disney On Ice – Frozen & Encanto

Date: March 2, 2023 Venue: Centre Bell

Sing and dance, go on a winter adventure, and relive moments from two of your favourite Disney series – Frozen and Encanto. As one of the most highly sought events, tickets are all set to be fully sold out soon. 

International Festival of Films on Art

Date: March 14 – 26, 2023  Venue: hosted in various venues throughout the city, including cinemas, museums, and cultural centers.

Watch out for the best in art-related documentaries, animation, and fiction films from around the world. FIFA is one of its most significant events that celebrate the art world’s diversity through film. From biographies to historical dramas, FIFA attracts filmmakers, artists, art historians, and film lovers worldwide. 

Barbegazi – Winter Action Sports Festival

Date: March 1 – 31, 2023 Venue: Various venues across Montreal 

This is a go-to event for all winter sports enthusiasts. Filled with fun and unique activities, Barbegazi creates a festive atmosphere in Montreal. Thrilling and exciting activities include snowboarding, skiing, and ice climbing. 

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