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Noted as one of Canada’s most beautiful provinces, Alberta just so happens to be home to many of the best, most beautiful, and post-card-worthy campsites in Canada as well! Whether in provincial parks, municipal campgrounds, or sites off the beaten path, Alberta has something for every outdoor enthusiast or first-time camper. With that said, what follows is a detailed guide of the top five camping locations in Alberta, particularly during the summer, and yes, some of us Canadians do, in fact, proceed to camp in the winter as well, hence the specification…

Notably, with so many options, you can’t go wrong with most Albertan campgrounds. However, it’s ultimately up to you to do your due diligence prior to booking a reservation. 

Below are the top 5 locations for camping in Alberta during the summer: 

  • Rocky Mountain National Park Campground
  • Sir Winston Churchill Provincial Park
  • Two Jack Lakeside Campground 
  • Aspen Crossing
  • Dinosaur Provincial Park

1. Rocky Mountain National Park Campground

one of the Top 5 summer camping locations Alberta
Alberta Falls Rocky Mountain National Park

Starting the list off hot with the most popular and likely most obvious of camping options, this list wouldn’t be complete without mention of the Canadian Rockies, particularly the Rocky Mountain National Park Campground. 

As arguably the best option on the list, Rocky Mountain National Park Campground comes with several lodging options to camp in, most notably a tipi, a trapper tent, or a trapline cabin. 

Apart from all of the amazing amenities, this campground is most famously chosen for its awe-inspiring landscapes, views, and backdrops of the snowcapped mountains; yes, even sometimes during the summer months…

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2. Sir Winston Churchill Provincial Park

one of the top five camping locations Alberta
Sir Winston Churchill Provincial Park

Most notably located on an island, Sir Winston Churchill Provincial Park is the ideal Albertan camping experience for those looking to get off the beaten path, away from the city, and towards a more remote location for the most authentic of camping experiences.

It’s at this provincial park where you’ll be able to indulge in outdoor activities that you’ve been desperately craving since the cold and rigid winter months here in Alberta. From swimming, kayaking, and paddleboarding to hiking, fishing, and stargazing, it’s all in the realm of possibility when choosing to camp at Sir Winston Churchill Provincial Park and Campgrounds…

3. Two Jack Lakeside Campground

one of the top 5 camping locations Alberta
2 Jack Lakeside Campground Location

Though on the smaller side of Alberta campground locations, Two Jack Lakeside Campground boasts only 64 campsites, most suitable for tents and RVs, the others accommodated with “glamping” lodges known as oTENTiks. 

Offering spectacular lakeside views as the name would so rightfully suggest, this top Alberta campground is both naturally beautiful, authentic, and most importantly, comfortable; let’s be honest, many camping accommodations aren’t so comfortable… 

Withstanding the many accommodations, amenities, and outdoor activities to be experienced here at Two Jack Lakeside Campground, it also happens to be located ideally just minutes from Banff, a popular tourist destination in Alberta! So while it might not be the Rockies, it’s the closest you’re going to get without staying there! 

Two Jack Lakeside Campground… One of the best campgrounds in all of Alberta. 

4. Aspen Crossing 

Unarguably the most unique and upper-class camping location on the list, Aspen Crossing is often characterized as a “glamping” experience rather than an authentic wilderness camping experience.

Nevertheless, if you’re looking for an option that provides you a high level of comfort with a reasonable level of authenticity, Aspen Crossing is the place for you! It’s worth mentioning that while most that opt for this campground do so for the full “glamping” experience, you CAN still pitch a tent or pull in your RV if you so choose…

With an abundance of outdoor activities that can be enjoyed by the entire family, it also doubles as a top family-friendly campsite. 

5. Dinosaur Provincial Park 

one of the top 5 Camping locations Alberta
Caravan at Dinosaur Provincial Park Badlands

As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Dinosaur Provincial Park is an idyllic campground for history buffs of the group. Not only does it comprise some of the most historic fossil findings of all time, but it also provides its guests with the chance to learn and see all that has occurred here in the badlands of Alberta…

As for the rest of the family less interested in such academia, Dinosaur Provincial Park also comes with it many experiential services for both young children and adults to enjoy. Such activities include pottery classes, a fun barn farm, and of course, several hiking trails. 

So, whether it’s dinosaurs that you are after or just some good ol’ summer fun in the Albertan sun, this top campground is more than worth a visit! 

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Alberta Camping in the Summer is Like No Other! 

Competing with the best of the best when it comes to Canadian camping experiences, Alberta is a highly-recommended, often-praised destination for those looking for an authentic outdoor experience. 

Obviously stated, the most opportune time to camp, both in Alberta or in any Canadian province for the matter, is during the summer season. Not only will the weather be ideal conditions, but the wildlife-sighting opportunities will be in full effect.

With that said, while the five (5) options discussed in this article are amongst the best, there are certainly several more camping locations where that came from… For those hoping to take advantage of the Albertan summer, be sure to plan ahead, for campsites are sure to book fast! 

Whatever campground, provincial park, national historic site, or off-the-beaten-path destination that you choose, there’s no denying the memories about to be made, surely writing itself to be one of the best summers ever. Enjoy!

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