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As a millennial, deciding on where to live in Canada is a big decision. There are several factors to consider, from choosing the best Canadian cities for job opportunities to finding an affordable home. We have chosen these top Top Canadian Cities for Millennials, and we will explain why they are.

Top Canadian Cities for Millenials
Millenials Enjoying Life

These Canada’s top cities have been selected based on unemployment rates, minimum wage, the housing market, and other social, political, and environmental opportunities. With all of these factors considered, we have carefully chosen the best Canadian cities for millennials. Go beyond the geographical radius, and search for options that will let you grow and prosper. 

A recent report indicates that Millenials are having trouble saving up for the down payment of their first home. About 40% of millennial homebuyers depend on their parents to help them raise the initial down payment for their homes. This is one of the critical reasons millennials are looking to relocate to other Canadian cities. No matter which city you choose to settle in, the people are friendly and welcoming. 

What are the best Canadian cities for millennials? 

Some of these cities have been ranked on a global level. For instance, Calgary ranked 43rd, Toronto was 56th, and Montreal was in 65th place globally. Millennials emphasize factors like climate, green spaces, nightlife, LGBT friendliness, average life expectancy, minimum wage, universities and living costs, and the housing market.  


Montreal is not just one of the best cities in Canada, but in the world. Globally ranked as the top 27th city for millennials, Montreal is best for those seeking to build their career, study at world-class universities and enjoy the best nightlife. That’s not all; Montreal also offers excellent salary averages, a better housing market than some of the other prominent cities across Canada, cost of rent, well connected public transportation system, LGBTQ+ friendliness, and several things to do, explore and see. 

Top Canadian Cities for Millennials
Montreal in Fall

Far from boring, Montreal is also famous for entertainment factors. Many festivals happen throughout the year and attract a large population, both tourists and residents. The average salary of the employed population in Montreal is about CAD 85,107. McGill University and the University of Montreal are top-ranked when it comes to universities.

If you were tconsidering affordable housing options, rental apartments average at $1,895 per month. Also, for those who depend on public transit for commuting, a monthly transit pass only costs $83 per month, and it is easy to get to places. 

Overall, the cost of living is on average around $891 per person without rent, which is an essential factor of consideration for millennials. 

As the second-largest French-speaking city in the world, there is a vast number of millennials relocating to Montreal. Besides all these materialistic factors, we also need to consider the world-class culture and vibrant arts scene. 

2. Kingston 

Although Kingston has a smaller population, this is one of the best Canadian cities to consider if you are planning to relocate. As Canada’s most walkable and cyclable city, this is your perfect escape from the humdrum of city life. Besides being a scenic city in Ontario, Kingston is an excellent choice for millennials looking for affordable housing options.

The average salaried employees receive $66,966 annually. Several high-paying jobs fit the millennials’ criteria in Kingston. Also, with remote working opportunities that have opened up, we have been seeing many shifts in residences to places like Kingston. 

Top Canadian Cities for Millennials
Kingston, Ontario

For education, Queen’s University at Kingston is amongst Canada’s oldest degree-granting universities and a contemporary hub of academic research. Some research specializations happen in astrophysics, cancer research, art conservation, and geotechnical engineering.

Also, Kingston is 9.72% less expensive than some of the most prominent cities in Canada. Need more reasons to relocate to Kingston? We could go on. Idyllic, relaxing, and a place where the city life blends with nature are all reasons why millennials have been choosing to make a move to Kingston. 

3. Toronto

We have seen reports indicating that millennials are making a conscious relocation decision out of Toronto. But, did you know that for every millennial who is moving out of every city, at least seven young people arrive in Toronto? Housing prices and rising rents are the key reasons why Toronto is losing people.

Then again, opportunities, career growth, excellent public transportation, a happening lifestyle, and even education keep attracting more millennials to the city like magnets. 

Top Canadian Cities for Millenails
Toronto Skyline

Toronto is a favorite hub spot for big companies like Google, Shopify, and Uber. You name it, and you’ll find it. With most companies basing their corporate offices and headquarters in Toronto, there are plenty of job opportunities. 

A recent report published on WiseGeo indicates that 59% of the population in downtown Toronto are millennials. King and Spadina, Bay Street, King West Village, Harborfront, and Fort York are occupied chiefly by millennials. This vibrant city celebrates arts and culture with a plethora of art galleries and cultural centers.

Toronto also has many spots for family fun and is safer than most big cities. Easy accessibility is another reason why millennials choose this city. For instance, Toronto Pearson airport, located right in the middle of the city, makes it easier for those who travel internationally frequently.

Also, all the amenities are spread across the entire city. You can pretty much walk everywhere within Toronto. 

Whether it’s in arts, food, or businesses, one thing you’ll notice is that the essence of this city lies in multiculturalism. Overall, millennials choose Toronto as one of the top Canadian cities because of the excellent standard of living. 

4. Calgary 

This is another city considered to be one of the millennial hotspots in all of Canada. It ranks 15th amongst 85 other Canadian cities. Some of the factors that contribute to this ranking include quality employment, good standard of living, affordable housing, low crime rate, and health care. It is estimated that over 24.8% of the current population in Calgary are millennials. 

Top Canadian Cities for Millennials
Calgary, Alberta

Did you know that Calgary was ranked the world’s fifth most livable city by the Economist for seven years in a row? Their ranking was based on some crucial factors considered by millennials, like stability, healthcare, and education. 

Calgary, the capital of Alberta, is best known for having the best tax advantage. As a millennial trying to save up more and reduce costs, you don’t have to worry about sales tax, payroll tax, and health premiums when living in Calgary.

Public transit in Calgary is pretty reliable, environment-friendly, and affordable too. Calgary’s light railway, called CTrains, is the first wind-powered public transit system in North America. The University of Calgary is ranked amongst the top universities nationally. 

5. Guelph

Guelph was ranked 14 in Canada’s top millennial hot spots in 2021 amongst the most significant 85 Canadian cities. The average income per household, affordable housing, unemployment rate, life satisfaction, crime rate, and healthcare make Guelph one of the best for millennials.

For education, the University of Guelph ranks number one in Ontario and is also listed among the Top 20 in Canada and Top 600 in the World. That’s not all; Guelph also has several top-rated elementary schools, high schools, and Catholic schools too. 

Top Canadian Cities for Millennials
Guelph, Ontario

The cost of living in Guelph for a single person on average is $996 without rent. The cost of living index in Guelph is 77.43 and is a fantastic city for millennials to raise families.

As one of the fastest-growing cities, Guelph is only 45 minutes away from Toronto. This Canadian city strikes the right balance of city life and a small-town vibe. 

For the commute, you can easily catch a GO Train and travel to other cities for work. With all the rise in the housing sector, Guelph has also seen the average home price increase, but comparatively lower than some of the major cities in Canada.

That’s not all; Guelph also boasts of having the lowest unemployment rate, sitting at 2.3%. Based on all the reports, we can vouch that Guelph is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country itself. 

Besides all the above Canadian cities, other top canadian cities for millenials in 2022 are Québec City, Ottawa, Halifax, and St.John’s to relocate. These are young professionals looking for career opportunities and want to afford a house, have a good standard of living, have accessibility to essentials like health care, and have a good climate. 

According to a report published by Point2 Homes in 2021, some of the less desirable cities in Canada for millennials included Langley, Maple Ridge, Chilliwack, Brantford, and Sarnia. 

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