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Every country and culture has its own customs and beliefs. When it comes to tipping and gratuities, it’s no different. For some, tipping is a necessary part of their culture, whereas, for others, it’s an act that is frowned upon. Further, for others, it’s simply an appreciated gesture. So for anyone travelling into Canada, it is good to be aware of the Tipping Culture in Canada.

Tipping Culture in Canada

While tipping might not be customary in your culture, it’s widely encouraged here in Canada. If you’re visiting Canada for the first time, be sure to bring some local currency for this very reason!

Canadians are known for their friendliness and kindness, which shows how they tip. So, for those visiting Canada, prepare to join in on spreading kindness. One way to do so? Tipping, of course!

The Who, What, and When of Tipping

In Canada, tipping is looked at as a simple gesture of kindness and appreciation. Unlike other cultures, it’s neither forced nor frowned upon if you don’t. With that said, there are certain circumstances in which it is more customary than others when it comes to tipping.

Of course, you’re encouraged to tip whomever you feel necessary, be it a large bill or a coffee shop purchase. However, the most common industry to tip is the hospitality industry. Those include waiters, waitresses, bartenders, taxi drivers, hotel staff, and hairdressers.

As the food and beverage industry, in particular, is one you’ll indulge whilst visiting, be sure to budget accordingly. 

Tipping Culture in Canada

Other services and industries that are commonly tipped in Canada include:

  • Tour Operators
  • Salons and Spas
  • Coat Check and Doormen
  • Tattoo Artists 

Now, you might be asking, how much should I budget for tipping? Moreover, what’s the standard acceptable percentage of gratuity for a given purchase? While this largely depends on the circumstance, 15-20% is a general rule of thumb, particularly at restaurants and bars. 

A similar percentage can be used on almost all other purchases of goods and services, be it a taxi, haircut, or otherwise. With that said, Canadians are appreciative no matter the amount. Heck, oftentimes, a simple but genuine “thank you” is all we ask. 

At the end of the day, while tipping should ultimately be based on the quality of service, it tends to be perceived as rude if you don’t tip at all. So, if you’re visiting Canada, choose to take the high road and tip for good karma, if nothing else. 

A Toonie Goes a Long Way!

While you’ll never be treated poorly for not tipping here in Canada, you’ll enjoy the kindness of people’s hearts much more if you do. After all, that’s what everyone loves about Canada. Returning the favor will always be appreciated. 

So, whether you’re heading out on the town, sitting in at a nice restaurant, or simply stopping into a local coffee shop to grab a hot beverage on the go, consider throwing a toonie their way; it’ll be greatly appreciated!

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