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There’s no denying the luxury of having your very own vehicle to get you from destination to destination for the duration of your trip. After all, who prefers getting dirty public buses and unkept subways? 

Guide to renting a car on Vancouver Island

Not only will it give you greater autonomy over your trip, but it also allows for flexible transportation should you require it. 

With that said, this luxury comes at a cost… That cost? Well, money, of course! Unfortunately, for those traveling to Vancouver Island, you’ve likely already become familiar with how expensive it is there. The rental economy is no different.

Nevertheless, if you can afford it, renting a car on Vancouver Island is one of the best decisions you can make to ensure an enjoyable and hassle-free trip. In saying that, below is a guide to renting cars on Vancouver Island! 

Fisgard Lighthouse, Victoria, BC a picturesque place to visit on your trip to Vancouver Island

How to Save on Your Car Rental on Vancouver Island

There’s no hiding the fact that Vancouver Island is an expensive place to both visit and live. With it comes high prices across the board, including accommodations, food and beverage, and even car rentals. 

Guide to renting a car on Vancouver Island

With that said, if you do your due diligence before visiting, there are several tips and tactics that you can implement to optimize your expenditure and save on your travels… One avenue that you can save on is, you guessed it, your car rental! 

Below are several insightful and helpful tips that will help YOU save money on your next Vancouver Island car rental: 

Book Online Instead of In-Person

Guide to renting a car on Vancouver Island
Aerial View of a resort town and fishing village Tofino, Long Beach, Pacific Rim, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Pre-booking anything is likely to save you on the back end. The same goes for car rentals. Before arriving on Vancouver Island, plan your itinerary and ensure that you check off the list a pre-booking for a rental car. 

It will also guarantee that a vehicle will be available and waiting for you upon arrival. The worst-case scenario would be to arrive with no available inventory left to rent…

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Forget Airport Rentals 

While it’s likely to be the most convenient of options, renting a car from the airport’s vendors increases prices due to premiums and other fees associated with its service. 

Instead, consider finding a more localized rental car company in a neighboring area where your accommodations are. 

Designate ONE Driver

If you’re traveling with a group or even with just another partner, it’s essential only to designate ONE driver for the duration of your trip. This is because rental car companies charge PER driver. If multiple drivers are in one vehicle, you can only expect a more expensive rental bill. 

So, while it’s convenient to have multiple drivers in case of driver fatigue, if your primary goal is to save money, you might want to refrain from doing so…

Read the Fine Print

Guide to renting a car on Vancouver Island

Depending on whom you’re dealing with, you may be unknowingly sold on several add-ons that weren’t clearly defined in the conversation. Similarly, if you fail to read the terms and conditions page, you might get dinged penalties without knowing.

The result? You guessed it, more money! In order to combat this, be sure to practice due diligence and ensure that all fees are accounted for prior to driving the vehicle off the lot. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In this section, we’ll be covering the most frequent and pressing questions surrounding the topic of renting vehicles in Vancouver and Vancouver Island. 

Notably, Vancouver is one of the most expensive destinations in Canada to both live and visit, so it makes sense for people to be curious about the costs associated with renting a vehicle there…

How Expensive are Rental Cars on Vancouver Island?

According to Travelocity, the cheapest rental vehicle available on Vancouver Island is currently $63 per day. While this price is undoubtedly high, it primarily comes down to the area in which you’re renting, the current demand, and the low supply due to global supply chain shortages and the limited vehicles available for rent.

That said, depending on the dates you choose to visit and with some luck, you’re likely to find cheaper, more affordable options…

Should I Consider Renting a Car on Vancouver Island?

Guide to renting a car on Vancouver Island
Aerial View of Victoria, Vancouver Island, BC

Unlike most big cities that are better traversed using public transportation like buses and subways, Victoria and Vancouver Island are pretty drivable. It would be best enjoyed with your own vehicle. 

Not only will it provide you with a hassle-free method of transportation, but it’ll also give you the autonomy to explore the beautiful island at your own pace. The only question is what type of vehicle to choose!

Where Should I Rent the Vehicle From?

There’s no shortage of options with several online rental companies and many vendors in and around the Vancouver Island area. With that said, and as noted earlier, it might be best to book through an online rental company.

Some of the more notable online rental sites include Travelocity, Kayak, and Expedia. However, any will suffice… Make a comparison of several areas and choose the one that’s most affordable and suited to your needs. 

A Final Word of Advice on renting cars on Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island is an undeniably beautiful travel destination with many extraordinary opportunities and benefits. The downside? It is expensive… 

It’s essential, however, not to let that stop you from enjoying this fantastic Canadian island! Instead, be proactive in your search and queries, practice due diligence, and implement any tactics that will save you money. 

As discussed, one way to save money is by following the tips outlined above when renting a vehicle. 

Hopefully, this helped! Good luck! 

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