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From lush rainforests to majestic mountain peaks, British Columbia is one of the most stunning Canadian provinces. This is one of those destinations that will help you get back to nature, away from the hustle and bustle of your busy city life. Through this journey, you’ll get to experience short-distance rainforest day treks and explore the stunning beaches and great views of the skyscraping mountains.

This nature walkers guide will list out all the best trails, inspiring spots to experience forest bathing and places to explore the picturesque and beautiful British Columbia. So be prepared to pull up your boots and step into the wilderness.

Inspiring Forest Bathing Hideaways

One of the most popular activities among nature lovers travelling to British Columbia has been forest bathing. Forest bathing, also known as forest therapy, is inspired from a Japanese term shinrin-yoku. It’s not about just hiking through the forest or following a set route. This is a sensory experience for the participants to interact with the forest in a meaningful and healing way. Promoting well-being, this experience extends beyond meditation, it can help you spark creativity and improve your problem-solving skills.

Beautiful British Columbia – Stanley Park, Vancouver

Beautiful British Columbia - Stanley Park, Vancouver

Connect with nature and explore quiet trails with less traffic. Some of the most recommended trails for those seeking to enjoy forest bathing experience are Meadow Trail, Tatlow Walk, and Lees Trail. Make sure to carry the park map to stay on track.

Beautiful British Columbia – Pacific Spirit Regional Park, Vancouver

Beautiful British Columbia - Pacific Spirit Regional Park, Vancouver

Spread across 55 kilometers, Pacific Spirit Regional Park is a great place to self-reflect and blend in with nature. Located on the University Endowment Lands, this forested area has several picturesque trails to discover. Some of the most recommended trails through this regional park are Sword Fern and Iron Knee Trails.

Beautiful British Columbia – Minnekhada Regional Park

Beautiful British Columbia - Minnekhada Regional Park

Hike through a peaceful nature sanctuary, interact with nature, enjoy the scenic views and spot wildlife too. Spread across 200 hectares of land near Coquitlam, this natural park has numerous trails to explore. If you are a bird watcher, spend time along the Pitt River area. Some of the best trails to explore include Addington Lookout, High Knoll, Lodge, and Fern.

Beautiful British Columbia – Lighthouse Park

Beautiful British Columbia - Lighthouse Park

Located on the west side of Vancouver, Lighthouse Park is an iconic one. Spread across 75 hectares of land, this is your opportunity to hike through Vancouver’s most beautiful areas and boasts the largest uncut rainforest. The trails are filled with large Douglas Fir trees, some of the largest in Vancouver itself.

Beautiful British Columbia – Lynn Loop

Beautiful British Columbia - Lynn Loop

Located in North Vancouver, this is a perfect place to enjoy forest bathing experience. Lynn Loop has manageable routes for all levels of hikers and offers a serene nature escape.

Top 5 Trails to Trek in beautiful British Columbia

From West coast to skyline trails, you’ll have a plethora of options to enjoy a good hike in British Columbia. Apart from these forest bathing experiences, these are some of the hiking challenges you could take on.

Top 5 Trails to Trek in beautiful British Columbia
  1. West coast trail: This legendary trek along Vancouver Island’s rugged coastline takes you through the lush temperate rainforests. On your hike, admire the tall, old-growth trees surrounding you, cascading waterfalls, and of course pristine beaches.
  2. Juan de Fuca Marine Trail: This trail is close to the west coast trail and offers you a similar experience. Spread across 47 kilometers, the trail offers stunning ocean views, and an opportunity to witness the migration of whales.
  3. Garibaldi Lake Trail: If you are craving mountain vistas, the Garibaldi Lake Trail near Whistler is the perfect adventure. Snowcapped peaks, Garibaldi Lake and glimpses of wilderness makes this one of the best trails in British Columbia. If you are lucky, you’ll get to snap pictures of mountain goats, marmots, and black bears along the way.
  4. Berg Lake Trail: Located in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, the Berg Lake Trail in Mount Robson Provincial Park offers you spectacular mountain scenery. This is a 23-kilometer trail, and it takes you along waterfalls, glacial lakes, and glaciers. This is one of the bucket list trails in British Columbia and must not be missed.
  5. Skyline Trail: This iconic trail lets you venture into the Jasper National Park and offer panoramic views of the Canadian Rockies. This trail is a little challenging and you’ll need to be really geared up to take on the 44-kilometer loop trek.

Top 5 Accommodations for Nature Walkers

Now that we have helped you shortlist the best trails and forest bathing experience in British Columbia, here are top 5 accommodations you could consider for a comfortable stay and easy access to these trails.

Top 5 Accommodations for Nature Walkers
  1. Wickaninnish Inn (Tofino): This luxury resort is located close to the West Coast and Juan de Fuca Marine Trails. Besides having easy access to these trails, you’ll also get to enjoy oceanfront views and modern amenities to make your stay comfortable.
  2. Crystal Lodge & Suites (Whistler): If Garibaldi Lake Trail is one your list of hiking challenges, Crystal Lodge & Suites are your best bet. Located in the heart of Whistler Village, they offer convenience and comfort.
  3. Mount Robson Lodge & Robson Shadows Campground (Mount Robson): This lodge and campground if your gateway to Mount Robson Provincial Park. Providing easy access to the Berg Lake Trail, you can even plan a camping adventure.
  4. Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge (Jasper): Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge is a historic lodge that offers picturesque views of the landscapes of Jasper National Park. This stay option provides you easy access to the Skyline Trail.
  5. Wells Gray Guest Ranch (Clearwater): Enjoy the wilderness near Wells Gray Provincial Park, and comfortable stay in cozy cabins. This perfect retreat is every nature lovers dream!

British Columbia is a great destination for nature lovers and is sure to mesmerize you. So lace up your hiking boots and get ready to explore the lush green rainforests, snowcapped mountains, and the best of breathtaking trails.

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