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Whether you’re an aspiring photographer in Vancouver or simply looking to capture a 10/10 picture for an Instagram post, we’ve got you covered with the best photography spots in the city! Heck, Vancouver has so many great places to capture that it may even be worth considering a trip. Both the winter, spring, and summer bring with them their own natural beauty, so there is no need to worry about which season it is. With that said, below are the best photography spots in Vancouver, British Columbia! 

Best Photography spots in Vancouver-stanley park seawall.
Stanley Park Seawall in autumn. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Best Photography Spots in Vancouver

With jaw-dropping mountainous views, world-class high-rise buildings, and awe-inspiring boardwalks & beaches, Vancouver doesn’t lack places to see, things to do, and images to capture. 

Though each season brings different backdrops to your photographs, none fall superior to one another. In other words, whichever season you choose to visit, you’ll be sure to be satisfied with how your photographs turn out! 

A truly breathtaking Canadian city, you’ll want to capture as many places as possible while you’re there. Let’s get started with our picks of the best photography spots in Vancouver. Grab your camera and put it in focus; it’s time to capture some memorable moments! 

Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

Best Photography spots in Vancouver-Capilano Suspension Bridge
Capilano Suspension Bridge, Vancouver

If you’ve ever googled Instagrammable places in Vancouver, you’ve likely already come across several notably aesthetic bridge locations. If not, Capilano Suspension Bridge Park is arguably the most popular, for it offers visitors several treetop suspension bridges to choose from, all of which boast breathtaking views. 

Climb aboard one, haul out your camera, center the frame, and snap away for the perfect Instagrammable moment… 

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Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge

Best Photography spots in Vancouver
Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge

Competing with Capilano Suspension Bridge Park as one of two Vancouver suspension bridge destinations, Lynn Canyon is the more historical of the two, built-in 1912! 

Evidently, because it’s the more aged of the two, the bridge itself shows its wear and tear, giving it the perfect rustic charm for the ideal bridge-top photograph. It towers right above Lynn Creek, the beautiful Vancouver river photogenic in its own right. 

Lions Gate Bridge

Best Photography spots in Vancouver-
Lions Gate Bridge view from Stanley Park Seawall

The last of the three bridge locations to photograph in Vancouver, Lions Gate Bridge, though not a suspension bridge, “bridges” (no pun intended) the gap between the city and North Vancouver and is often compared as Vancouver’s version of London’s Tower Bridge…

Wondering where you can capture this behemoth of a bridge? Consider Stanley Park! It’s here where you’ll be able to capture the perfect framed photo.

Some Interesting Vancouver Tours

Kitsilano Beach

Best Photography spots in Vancouver

Who doesn’t appreciate a proper beach photo?! Indeed the photographer themselves do, but even those viewing the photo tend to enjoy a good sunrise/sunset moment… Nevertheless, if you’re in Vancouver, be sure to check out Kitsilano Beach. Not only is it the brown sandy kind, but it also boasts several unique and Instagrammable features.

Most notably, the Kitsilano Swing! If you want to make your Instagram friends jealous, this is a must-capture destination. 

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Fun Alley

Fun Alley, Vancouver

If it’s trends and pops of color that you’re looking for, Fun Alley is where you need to visit! Located in North Vancouver, Fun Alley is an interactive section of the neighborhood of Lonsdale where hundreds, if not thousands, of people flock daily to capture the perfect Instagram post. 

St. Mark’s Summit ViewPoint 

View of Howe Sound from St. Mark s Summit near Vancouver in Canada a top photo spot in vancouver
View of Howe Sound from St. Mark s Summit near Vancouver in Canada

For an out-of-this-world photograph, visit St. Mark’s Summit and the viewpoint on the North Shore of Vancouver. While it’ll take some physical labor to reach the top, it’ll all be worth it in the end.

Not only will you feel like you’ve reached “the end of the world,” but you’ll capture its essence in the photo. Jaw-dropping views of Mountain Ranges, Vancouver Island, and of course, the ocean, St. Mark’s Summit is a must-see! 

Travel Essentials

Hotel Europe in Gastown 

Hotel Europe Gastown Vancouver
Hotel Europe, Gastown

Similar to the corner of Time Square in New York City is Hotel Europe, located in Gastown in Vancouver, BC. While it’s certainly not as chaotic nor as large, Hotel Europe boasts more character than any other piece of architecture in the area. 

Words to describe the building are quintessential, historic, and iconic; all words that you want to hear when trying to capture the perfect picture! 

Dr. Sun Yet-Sen Chinese Oasis 

top photo spots vancouver - Dr Sun Eat Sen Oasis Chinatown
Dr Sun Yat Sen Oasis Chinatown

If you really want to confuse your friends and family on Instagram, post a picture of this Chinese Oasis. While you’re in Vancouver, everyone will be thinking that you’re in China! Authentic and quant, this oasis boasts beautiful Chinese architecture, soothing waterfalls, and a garden as perfect as your picture will be.

Located in the city’s heart, it’s a perfect and convenient spot to capture beautiful images.

While these are certainly of the most incredible spots to capture in Vancouver, it’s definitely recommended to do your own research in case we’ve missed something… With some preparation, you’ll be sure to capture the best pictures possible. Good luck! 

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