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Canada is known for many things, and its cuisine is one of them! For those visiting for the first time, the food and beverage experience will likely be atop the priority list. In fact, some of the top restaurants in Canada double as some of the best in the world! 

What follows will be a detail of the best restaurants in Canada, divided by region. In other words, we’ll be choosing the top restaurant from each of the five regions (BC, the Prairies, Ontario, Quebec, and the Atlantic). While several excellent restaurants didn’t make the list, those that follow are often touted as the best. 

With thousands of incredible restaurants across the nation, you won’t have a problem finding some fantastic options that suit your preferences in the location you reside. However, you’d be remiss not to pay a visit to at least one of the top restaurants in Canada! 

While the following is certainly up for debate, there’s no denying that they’re all incredible in their own respect. 

Below are the top five (5) restaurants in Canada 

  • St. Lawrence Restaurant, Vancouver, B
  • Shokunin, Calgary, AB
  • Alo Restaurant, Toronto, ON
  • Joe Beef, Montreal, QC
  • Bar Kismet, Halifax, NS

St. Lawrence Restaurant

Vancouver, BC

For an open concept-style dining space and a cozy atmosphere to pair, be sure to pay a visit to St. Lawrence Restaurant. Contrary to Vancouver’s standard, St. Lawrence is inspired solely by French cuisine and the gastro identity of old Quebec. As such, you can expect an exclusively French beverage menu underscored by the decorated main course menu. 

St Lawrence Restaurant, Vancouver one of the Top Restaurants in Canada
Image source St Lawrence Restaurant

Awarded consecutive prestigious awards for top five restaurants in Canada year-over-year, St. Lawrence is one for the books. While it’s undoubtedly an elevated restaurant with a sense of luxury, it’s also an approachable and welcoming space for all to enjoy.

For a dining experience like no other, visit St. Lawrence on 269 Powell Street in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia.



Calgary, AB

You may have heard of Shokunin from the owner’s appearance on Netflix Canada’s hit TV cooking show, The Final Table. If not, you may also have heard of Shokunin for being the top restaurant in Calgary. In any case, Shokunin is a Japanese-inspired restaurant offering a great sake list and a menu comprising premium ingredients. 

Selection from Shokunin, Calgary

For a drink, be sure to try one of their patented craft cocktails. As for the main course, the options are plenty. The most popular are its miso-cured chicken tenders, beef tongue, and the rich bison tataki. Known mainly for their inventiveness and innovation, Shokunin isn’t only a restaurant but an experience worth experiencing.

While it may not offer a classic Canadian food item, this Japanese-style restaurant is a must-try for those eager to experience one of the best dining experiences in the Great White North.


Alo Restaurant

Toronto, ON

Often touted as the number one restaurant in Canada, Alo Restaurant is the cream of the crop. Located on Spadina Avenue in a warehouse of sorts, Alo has built its reputation on atmosphere and experience. Mainly known for its tasting menus comprising luxury ingredients, it’s often a destination for special occasions and classy guest lists. 

Selections of French Cuisine at Alo Restaurant, Toronto

Tasting menus aside, they also do an incredible job with wine pairings course-by-course. From the appetizer through to the dessert, Alo is a triple threat in the industry and with the accolades to back it up. 

If you’re in the Greater Toronto Area and you’re prepared for the damage that it might do to the wallet, be sure to make a reservation at arguably the greatest restaurant in the nation. 


Joe Beef

Montreal, QC

What initially started as a small diner of 30 seats has since evolved into a culinary masterpiece of inspiration and accolades across Canada. Known for its ability to cross luxury with old-school heartiness and comfort food, it’s no surprise that Joe Beef has become a local favorite that has since spread nationally. 

Selection from Joe Beef, Montreal

Today, they sell and market their own steak sauce, beef jerky, hot sauce, mustard, and more, extending itself much wider than a one-stop dine-in restaurant. If you’re visiting Montreal, not only can you make a reservation to experience this top Canadian restaurant first hand, but you can take a product or two to go, as well!


Bar Kismet

Halifax, NS

cuisine at Bar Kismet, Halifax

Last but certainly not least is Bar Kismet, located in Halifax, Nova Scotia. While the top Atlantic Canadian restaurant has long been a restaurant known as Raymonds located in St. John’s, Newfoundland, it has since closed down due to the Pandemic. Bar Kismet, however, does not disappoint. 

Known as a diner that provides guests with a relaxing atmosphere with a retro vibe, it’s likely the most welcoming and laid back on the list. In fact, there isn’t even a reservation option here! Just walk in and enjoy…

With influences of French cuisine and Mediterranean tastes, their menu is quite unique. It’s a no-brainer when visiting the area, from handmade pasta to same-day seafood and locally-sourced Nova Scotian wine and beer. 


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