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Here are four of the best winter holiday destinations near Montreal:

  • Rent a Chateau at Parc de Mont Tremblant 
  • Resort in La Massif de Charlevoix
  • Visit the Winter Wonderland of Quebec City 
  • Old Montreal

While Canada and its provinces are all incredible winter holiday destinations in their own right, Quebec might just take the cake for the most beautiful. 

Known for its Europe-inspired streets and architecture, its nightlife, its abundant winter activities, and of course, its chilling weather, Destinations in and around Montreal are some of the most desirable. 

Though it’d be challenging to truly decipher the top winter holiday destinations, below are some of the best near Montreal! You won’t be disappointed no matter which destination you choose to visit. 

Rent a Chateau at Parc de Mont Tremblant

If there’s one thing that Montreal, Quebec, is known for nationally, it’s Mont Tremblant. First, you can rent a cabin in the wilderness of this wondrous national park. Opting for this once-in-a-lifetime option will afford you impeccable landscapes and opportunities for wilderness sightings.  

The wilderness isn’t your cup of tea? Then consider opting for the more popular option; renting a chateau near the mountains! A winter holiday doesn’t get much better than a Mont Tremblant chalet, whether with friends or family. With an abundance of outdoor activities to partake in, it’s ideal for those seeking a ski destination vacation. 

With awe-inspiring views of the Laurentians, Tremblant will have you feeling as though you’re in your own winter wonderland. 

Resort in La Massif de Charlevoix

Often noted as Quebec’s best-kept secret, La Massif de Charlevoix is the dream winter destination you’ve been looking for. As the highest mountain east of the Rockies and just 75km from Quebec City, it’s ideal for those craving picturesque sceneries and abundant skiing opportunities. 

To make the holiday even better, be sure to book a reservation at Club Med, North America’s first four-season mountain resort. With views overlooking the St. Lawrence river and with spa-like amenities for you to resort to after a long day of adventure and activity, it’s the perfect cap to the ultimate Canadian winter holiday getaway. 

Finally, be sure to allow yourself an indulgent evening or two of Charlevoix cuisine. Whether it’s a casual night out or a formal romantic dinner for two, Charlevoix offers it all. 

Visit the Winter Wonderland of Quebec City 

If you’re planning a winter holiday in Canada, and more specifically Quebec, you’ve likely already prepared yourself for the cold. Well, it doesn’t get much colder than in Quebec City. With that said, don’t let that take away from all the incredible things there are to do here during winter! 

Quebec City in winter, traditional slide descent

First, be sure to explore Old Quebec City; as a UNESCO Heritage Site, you can only imagine how well-kept it is. Next, be sure to walk the Dufferin Terrace with views of the St. Lawrence River and the Chateau beside it. And of course, don’t forget about the annual Winter Carnival de Quebec. 

With beautiful snowcapped architecture and cobblestone streets covered with nature’s white dust, you’ll likely not want to leave, so be sure to capture your moments with pictures galore! 

Don’t Forget About Old Montreal. 

While there are several destinations and things to do outside and around Montreal, don’t forget about Montreal itself! Dubbed the party capital of Canada, Montreal has endless activities and things to do, even during the winter months. 

For starters, there’s Igloofest. As the coldest music festival in the world, it’s not for the faint of heart. Come prepared with your ski goggles and a retro one-piece snowsuit, however, and you’ll fit right in! 

Even if you don’t want to turn your winter holiday into one big party scene, there’s something here for everyone. From beautifully decorated Christmas Markets perched along Europe-inspired streets to relaxing and luxurious spa days and everything in between. 

So, consider Montreal as the spot for those considering Quebec as a winter destination vacation. Whether you decide to stay in the city or venture out to Old Montreal, you’ll be sure to have a grand time. 

A Winter Wonderland Holiday for the Books! 

If you’re planning a trip to Canada during your next holiday season but haven’t yet decided on a destination, it’s strongly recommended to consider Montreal and its outskirts as your home for the winter holidays. Not only is it magical in its own right, but you’ll enjoy a real, authentic Canadian winter. 

Just remember to gear up because winter can get bitter in Quebec! While the above are some of the best destinations near Montreal, there’s certainly more where that came from! 

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