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This spring, witness Prince Edward Island’s vibrant rebirth. Walk blooming trails, paddle tranquil waters, and savor fresh flavors. From iconic lighthouses to charming villages, discover the beauty of this small but mighty Canadian province.

Blooming flowers, mild temperatures and sparkling coastal vistas create a captivating travel experience while exploring Prince Edward Island in spring. IAt this time, the winter snow is slowly melting away to build a colourful landscape. Although PEI (Prince Edward Island) is Canada’s smallest province, this breathtaking destination has many delightful experiences to offer.

Beautiful Prince Edward Island in Spring: Your Travel Guide
PEI by the waters

Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast or an adventure lover, this destination has something to offer everyone. From cherry blossoms to hiking opportunities, there are several things to do and see in Prince Edward Islands. Explore the scenic trails and stunning routes, enjoy the tranquil beauty of nature and check out the local culinary delights.

Beautiful Prince Edward Island in Spring: Your Travel Guide
PEI from the distance

For a birdwatcher, spring is the season to be! You’ll get to witness the return of migratory birds to PEI. Set against the coastal backdrop, there are a variety of bird species to spot. Discover the sandy beaches and diverse ecosystems while creating a memorable travel experience.

Beautiful Prince Edward Island in Spring: Your Travel Guide
Fisherman’s dock at PEI

This ultimate travel guide features the top places to stay, things to do, must-visit locations, activities, and local attractions. Don’t forget to bookmark this page to help you plan your travel better.

9 Things to Do in PEI During Spring

Explore PEI National Park

During spring, one of the top things to do in PEI is to explore the national park. Discover the sandy beaches, hike through the coastal trails, and dunes. Don’t forget to walk along the Greenwich Boardwalk and enjoy the stunning views of the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

9 Things to Do in PEI During Spring - Explore PEI National Park
Explore PEI National Park

Covehead Harbour Lighthouse

Take an Instagram worthy picture at the Covehead Harbour Lighthouse. This picturesque red-and-white lighthouse overlooks the ocean and is a treat to all aspiring photographers out there.

Visit Green Gables Heritage Place

If you have been a fan of the classic novel – Anne of Green Gables, this iconic heritage site is your opportunity to step into the bookish world. Located in Cavendish, take a tour of the farmhouse that inspired L.M. Montgomery’s novel.

9 Things to Do in PEI During Spring - Green Gables Heritage Place
Green Gables Heritage Place

Explore Victoria-by-the-Sea

Visit this charming seaside village with colorful buildings, art galleries, and quaint shops. Enjoy coastal walks and dine at waterfront eateries.

Charlottetown Farmers’ Market

Experience local flavors at the Charlottetown Farmers’ Market, open Saturdays year-round and Wednesdays in the summer. Sample fresh produce, artisanal goods, and delicious treats.

9 Things to Do in PEI During Spring - Charlottetown Farmers' Market
Charlottetown Farmers’ Market

Cycling the Confederation Trail

This has to be the most exciting way to enjoy the panoramic views of forests, fields, and coastal scenery. Rent a bike and ride along the scenic Confederation Trail, that spans the length of the island.

Go golfing

Tee off at one of PEI’s world-class golf courses, such as Crowbush Cove or Dundarave, both offering stunning views and challenging play.

9 Things to Do in PEI During Spring - PEI Golf Course
PEI Golf Course

Lobster Dinners

Indulge in a local cuilinary delight. Taste PEI’s famous lobster dinner at one of the island’s seafood restaurants. Savour fresh lobster, served with butter and all the fixings. Slurrrpp.

Spring Flavours Culinary Festival

Spring is a great time to plan your trip to PEI, especially for foodies. That’s the time for Prince Edward Island Spring Flavours Culinary Festival which features culinary events, tastings, and farm-to-table experiences.

Top Activities and Popular Local Attractions : Prince Edward Island in spring
Prince Edward Island in spring
  • Kayaking and Paddleboarding: Looking to enjoy some water activities? Try kayaking and paddleboarding, all while exploring PEI’s coastline.
  • Deep-Sea Fishing: Fancy a fishing trip? This is your sign to charter a fishing boat and try your hand at deep-sea fishing for mackerel, cod, or even tuna.
  • Culinary Tours: All you foodies, be prepared to go on a culinary tour. Sample local delicacies, including fresh seafood, artisanal cheeses, and gourmet chocolates.
  • Artisan Studios: Visit artisan studios and galleries across the island to admire and purchase handmade crafts, pottery, and artwork.
  • Music and Theatre Performances: Take a break from all the other activities and immerse yourself in the local, vibrant arts scene. Check out live music performances, theatre productions, and ceilidhs (traditional Gaelic gatherings).

Prince Edward Island in Spring, although relatively small in size, is a picturesque destination to discover. Experience the stunning landscapes, rich culture, and an array of activities. Start planning your spring escape to this charming Canadian province today!

Top 5 places to stay in Prince Edward Island in Spring

With so many options on places to stay, you really need to narrow your choice down based on budgets and stay experience. These are our top seven best choices of places to stay in Prince Edward Islands.

The Holman Grand Hotel

Top 5 places to stay in Prince Edward Island in Spring - The Holman Grand Hotel
The Holman Grand Hotel

Location: 123 Grafton St, Charlottetown, PE C1A 1K9

Situated right at the heart of Charlottetown, The Holman Grand Hotel offers luxurious accommodation for all. The stunning views of the city and waterfront, spacious rooms and access to historical sites nearby make this 4 Star boutique hotel an incredible choice of place to stay.

The Great George

Top 5 places to stay in Prince Edward Island in Spring - The Great George
The Great George

Location: 58 Great George St, Charlottetown, PE C1A 4K3

If you are looking to stay at a historic property that blends an old town charm and sophistication, this is the place to be. The heritage buildings of this boutique hotel is situated within Charlottetown’s National Historic District. Being an award-winning property, they offer genuine hospitality, comfort and luxury during your stay. Strategically located near all the main attractions of the city, this hotel is just a short walk from St. Dunstan’s Basilica.

Dalvay by the Sea

Top 5 places to stay in Prince Edward Island in Spring - Dalvay by the Sea
Dalvay by the Sea

Location: 16 Cottage Crescent, York, PE C0A 1P0

This historic mansion is located on the Northern shore of the province. Dalvay by the sea was beautifully renovated with modern amenities to be an elegant hotel, that it is today. Overlooking Dalvay Lake, this stay has comfortable rooms, gourmet dining options, and access to pristine beaches just steps away.

Kindred Spirits Country Inn & Cottages

Top 5 places to stay in Prince Edward Island in Spring - Kindred Spirits Country Inn & Cottages
Kindred Spirits Country Inn & Cottages

Location: 46 Memory Ln, Cavendish, PE C0A 1N0

Kindred Spirits Country Inn & Cottages is a family-owned cottage stays located in Cavendish. They provide a cozy and intimate retreat among the lush gardens. You can choose from charming inn rooms or private cottages and explore nearby attractions like Green Gables Heritage Place.

The Sydney Boutique Inn & Suites

Top 5 places to stay in Prince Edward Island in Spring - The Sydney Boutique Inn & Suites
The Sydney Boutique Inn & Suites

Location: 55 Weymouth St, Charlottetown, PE C1A 1H1

This is yet another historic building that was converted to create an upscale stay experience. Located in downtown Charlottetown, The Sydney Boutique Inn & Suites offers comfort stay with upscale amenities and proximity to theaters, shops, and waterfront attractions.

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