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In this blog, we have listed some of Canada’s top artist communities and towns that you must explore. The art scene in Canada is pretty lively. If you are an Artist or avid art lover, there are several destinations that will leave you inspired.

From bold galleries to graffiti streets, there are several artistic communities in Canada. Blending bright hues with culture and history is a forte every Canadian creative community boasts.

Artist communities of London, Ontario

London is one of the most underrated artistic Canadian cities. This extremely tight-knit community is home to several galleries that display works of local artists. The artist community here is focused on encouraging emerging and developing artists. Their high-spirited and vibrant art scene showcases cultural diversity at its best. If you are looking for some places to explore for the love of art, our recommendations are:

  • Jonathon Bancroft-Snell Gallery
  • Mcintosh Gallery
  • Museum London

Jonathon Bancroft-Snell Gallery was established in 2000 and houses Canada’s most prominent contemporary ceramic collection. Mcintosh Gallery is a public art gallery that focuses on visual arts and has been operating since 1942. Museum London is renowned for an impressive collection of regional and Canadian works

Artist communities of Alert Bay, British Columbia

,View of Alert Bay

This small city in British Columbia is one of the few thriving art communities. Although a small town, Alert Bay hosts art events and has galleries to encourage the growing interest of local artists. Alert Bay has won awards for First Nations work of contemporary art installations and pieces.

Alert Bay is a village on Cormorant Island, in the Regional District of Mount Waddington, British Columbia, Canada. A historical First Nations site, full of Indigenous culture and artifacts. Along the coastline are many decks to sit and view the harbor and surrounding waters, all enhanced with examples of some of the incredible Native Carving. An example of some Native Art.

In support of artistic endeavor, nine local artists gathered to form Alert Bay Artists Society in 2010. While you are there, don’t forget to visit the Art Loft Gallery to check out some of the latest works of the local artists. 

Artist communities of Stratford, Ontario 

This charming small town in Ontario is a hotspot for aspiring artists. Home to Shakespeare Festival, Stratford has become a destination for creators and art enthusiasts. Five art galleries that you must visit in Stratford include:

  • Shane Norrie Contemporary
  • Stratford Art in the park
  • Koolen Fine Arts
  • Mountain Galleries East
  • Gregory Connor Antiques

These five art galleries in Stratford are the best among several others. You’ll find an exciting selection of paintings, sculptures, and other creative works. As one of the best artistic communities in Canada, Stratford has transformed the economy with the Shakespeare festival that started in 1953. 

Some Art Essentials for You

Artist communities of Burnaby, British Columbia

This popular art community in Canada is dedicated to fostering talents and nurturing local artists. The vibrant art scene of Burnaby boasts art galleries, public art installations, and local events. Check out some of the best permanent art installations you’ll find in all of Canada. Being an art enthusiast, we recommend you not to miss The Shadbolt Centre for the Arts, Burnaby Art Centre, and Burnaby Village Museum.

downtown Burnaby, modern street art and shopping centre Metrotown area, Vancouver BC, Canada

Located in Deer Lake Park, the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts is a stunning multi-use facility that hosts art programs for all age groups. Burnaby Art Gallery is the only public art museum in Canada dedicated to works of art on paper. Finally, Burnaby Village Museum is an open-air museum that gives you a glimpse back in time. 

Artist Communities of Regina, Saskatchewan

The Art Gallery of Regina is a true artistic hub. Here, you’ll find local and regional artists displaying their work and inspiring the community. They also lead initiatives to help people with disabilities find their voice through Listen to Dis Community Arts Organization. Some of the popular artist galleries in Regina include:

  • Slate Fine Art Gallery
  • Dunlop Art Gallery
  • Art Gallery of Regina
  • Assiniboia Gallery

Slate Fine Art Gallery is an excellent place of representation for contemporary Canadian artists, while Dunlop is dedicated to visual artwork. The Art Gallery of Regina is an independent public art gallery that has been operating for over 48 years. As for Assiniboia Gallery, it has been in operation since 1977 with a focus on exhibiting contemporary and traditional works of art by established and emerging visual artists. 

Explore Regina

Artist Communities of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Whether you are an artist looking for inspiration or pursuing a passion, Charlottetown has plenty of opportunities for budding artists. They have dedicated festivals to celebrate the love for arts, galleries that display contemporary and traditional art pieces, and many initiatives to help artists live their dreams. The Arts and Culture Awards introduced by Charlottetown Arts Advisory Board honours artists from different arrays of arts and cultural sectors in Charlottetown for their contribution. 

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