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Let’s face it, Manitoba gets a bad rep, especially amongst other Canadians… Justified or not, there’s no denying that it has some of the most incredible lakes in the country, not to mention some pretty unique wildlife. 

With that said, in this article, we’ll be discussing the top 5 camping locations in Manitoba. Without further ado, below are the top 5 locations for camping in Manitoba during the summer: 

  • Riding Mountain National Park
  • Spruce Woods Provincial Park
  • Grand Beach Provincial Park
  • Falcon Lake Campground
  • Otter Falls Campground
Sunset at a Manitoba Park

It also just so happens to be home to some incredible national and provincial parks; If you’re visiting in the summer, they’re definitely worth exploring… Heck, if you have time, you may even want to consider camping there!

1. Riding Mountain National Park

Top 5 summer camping locations Manitoba

Though Riding Mountain National Park offers much more than its outdoor camping opportunities, it does happen to comprise a wonderful Manitoba campground called Wasagaming Campground. Just minutes from Clear Lake Beach, Riding Mountain National Park, and particularly Wasagaming Campground, is among the best camping opportunities in Manitoba. 

Though it might not be the most authentic wilderness experience, it is the most luxurious; if it’s “glamping” that you’re looking for, this is the spot! Whether it’s fine dining, shopping, horseback riding, golfing, or museum exploration, the world is truly your oyster when staying in the small town of Wasagaming and, more specifically, Riding Mountain National Park. 

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2. Spruce Woods Provincial Park

Top 5 summer camping locations Manitoba
Spruce Woods Provincial Park Image Credit Travel Manitoba

If you’re looking to camp in the backcountry of Manitoba, eager to experience the entirety of the province’s landscape and its wildlife in the most authentic way possible, Spruce Woods Provincial Park is where you want to be. 

With a choice of five different campsites along the convenient Epinette Creek Trail System, you should have no problem booking your stay at undeniably the best provincial park in the province. A few more popular campgrounds in the park include Kiche Manitou Campground and the Jackfish Lake Cabin.

Spruce Woods Provincial Park Credit Travel Manitoba

Considered to be among the best the province has to offer when it comes to outdoor wilderness and natural landscapes, there’s arguably no better camping destination than here at Spruce Woods Provincial Park.

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3. Grand Beach Provincial Park 

Another popular provincial park and campground, Grand Beach, is an ideal family camping destination, offering activities that the entire family can enjoy! Surely, you’ll enjoy the sandy beach and warm water that accompanies it. However, Grand Beach is much more than just the beach…

Drawing in thousands of locals and tourists alike each summer, you can imagine the fun that’s had in the sun here at Grand Beach Provincial Park. Boasting 350 campsites surrounded by 17 different water bays, Grand Beach will leave you feeling like you’re in your own private world; and that’s exactly how you want to feel during a camping excursion! 

4. Falcon Lake Campground

Top 5 summer camping locations Manitoba
Image Credit Travel Manitoba

Often noted as one of the most popular Manitoba campgrounds, Falcon Lake is and always will be a safe choice for first-camp campers visiting the area. Boasting a large beachfront campground and a lakeside campground, and located minutes from a small but bustling resort town, it’s an ideal location for both its convenience and its offerings with regards to amenities and activities. 

Image Credit Travel Manitoba

Pro tip! Because some parts of the campground reside nearby the Trans Canada Highway, traffic noise can become somewhat excessive for the light sleepers of the group. As such, consider requesting a campsite that sits closer to the center of the park rather than on the outskirts; that should do the trick! 

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5. Otter Falls Campground

Top 5 summer camping locations Manitoba
Credit Travel Manitoba

The list of top camping locations in Manitoba wouldn’t be complete without mention of the popular Otter Falls Campground. For locals, summer isn’t summer without a visit or two here… Located in Whiteshell Provincial Park, Otter Falls comprises incredible bodies of water that happen to be part of the Winnipeg River System. This makes it a premier destination for those looking to swim their tails off or kayak to their content…

Further, it boasts incredible hiking trails for those wanting to hike, bike, or walk in hopes of sighting some wildlife. 

Withstanding the incredible outdoor opportunities available here, Otter Falls Campground also happens to be nearby Otter Falls Resort. It’s here where you’ll be able to unwind in luxury, have a delicious dinner, or have a night out on the town! Whatever you choose to do, you’ll be sure to have a memorable time. 

Give Manitoba a Chance for a Summer to Remember!

Credit Travel Manitoba

As you can see, Manitoba doesn’t lack campgrounds to visit in the summer. Though we’ve shared our opinion on the top 5 Summer Camping Locations in Manitoba, there’s much more where that came from! Whichever you choose, you’ll be sure to enjoy… 

It’s time to give Manitoba a chance; your memory bank won’t regret it! 

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