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Are you looking for hidden photography spots in Toronto, curious as to where you can find them? Maybe you’re an aspiring content creator eager to make your name in Toronto-based photography. Whatever the case, we’ve discovered the most instagrammable places in Toronto so that you don’t have to!

Being such a large city, commonly compared to the “New York of Canada”, Toronto has an abundance of great places to capture, no matter what time of year you visit. Heck, the skyline alone is worthy of a visit…

With that said, below are the most instagrammable locations in all of Toronto, Ontario! 

Best Photography Spots in Toronto

As a concrete city, you may be concerned of the lack of beauty that the city embodies, however, the opposite happens to be true. While it might not be fully abundant in nature, its architecture alone makes for several incredible opportunities. 

What you’ll soon learn is that Toronto doesn’t lack in places to see, things to do, nor images to capture. Instead, you’ll likely find that you simply don’t have enough time to capture all that there is!

Like the rest of Canada, Toronto brings something different to the lens with each season that arises. None, however, are superior to one another… In short, whichever season you choose to visit, you’ll be eager to present your art to the masses, for it’s likely to turn out to be the best photographs you’ve ever created.

With all of that being said, let’s get started with our top picks of the best photography spots in Toronto. Be sure that both you and your camera are focused! it’s time to capture some amazing moments.

The Toronto Skyline

Top Photography spots Toronto - Toronto Skyline
Toronto Skyline

This list wouldn’t be complete without mention of the famous Toronto skyline. While there are several areas in which you can capture the skyline in its entirety, whether from the ground or atop a downtown rooftop apartment, the most notable place to capture the perfect image is Olympic Island. 

While the image is likely to result in an amazing outcome no matter what time of day you take it, it’s recommended to do so at night; think shadow lighting, bright lights, and luminescent water. There’s nothing more magical…

The Toronto Subway Station

Top Photography spots Toronto Toronto Subway

If you’ve ever seen those highly edited images of fast-moving traffic and bright lights, eager to create a similar image for yourself, the Toronto subway station is the perfect opportunity to do so.

Again, while it’ll require a level of professional editing to accomplish the desired image, it all begins with the perfect photograph. Evidently, there’s no other way to capture that image without actually visiting the destination itself! 

If you’re visiting Toronto for only a short time, it’s actually quite a convenient destination to photograph because once the photo is taken, you can hop on the subway and head to your next destination! 

The City Sign at Toronto’s City Hall 

Top Photography spots Toronto -Toronto City Sign
The colorful city sign at Toronto City Hall

If you’re not for the whole touristy content, you might want to cross this spot off your list, however, it produces some incredible photos nonetheless. With several angles to choose from at your disposal, a clear focal point in that of the Toronto sign, and an emphatic backdrop in that of City Hall, it’s practically begging for its photo to be taken! 

Similar to the city skyline, it’s recommended to shoot this place at night, not only because of the amazing bursts of colour that the sign and its surroundings give off but because of the mood that such an image creates… 

Tip: Be sure to wait for the fountain to explode upwards, for that will add the finishing touches to an otherwise generic photo! 

Nathan Phillips Square

Most Instagram Worthy Locations Toronto Nathan Phillips Square
Nathan Phillips Square

Located right next the Toronto’s city hall sits the famed Nathan Phillips Square located on 100 Queen Street West. Boasting an emphatic architectural arc, an outdoor skating rink, and a backdrop littered with the clock tower and city hall itself, Nathan Phillips Square is a highly photographed area year-round.

To capture the essence of this area, however, consider visiting during the winter months at peak hours. It’s during this time of year when you’ll be able to enjoy the likes of hundreds skating in circles at romantic speeds. 

Once captured, simply toss it in editing software, hike up the contrast, and witness the photo come to life; it’ll remind you of any nostalgic Christmas movie ever made…

Royal Ontario Museum 

Most Instagram Worthy Locations Toronto Royal Ontario Museum
Royal Ontario Museum is one of the largest museums in North America.

Looking for architectural genius encompassing jagged edges, contrasting materials, and mind-bending designs? Then you’ve found it in the Royal Ontario Museum. As noted earlier, Toronto is known for being a concrete jungle of sorts, and this building is one of many examples of why… 

Withstanding its architectural amazement, the Royal Ontario Museum also boasts an abundance of national significance in history. As a passionate photographer looking to capture the essence of Toronto, who doesn’t want to shoot a piece of history?! 

While there are certainly several other amazing places to capture in Toronto, Ontario, the above list entails the most famed, most popular of the bunch. With that said, it’s definitely recommended to extend your trip if possible so that you can seek out other desirable locations for capturing… 

Be sure to consider the time of year that you’re visiting, as well! While it won’t impact the quality of photos, it will certainly change the dynamic of production… With some preparation and a bit of luck, you’ll be sure to create some amazing photographs. Good luck! 

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