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New Brunswick, located on the East Coast of Canada is definitely one of the most underrated destinations among food lovers. Home to a variety of restaurants and cafes, this coastal province is well known for its best seafood and diverse culinary scene.

From growing craft beer culture to thriving farmers markets, Fredericton, Saint John, and Moncton are three of the top cities every foodie must have on their list. Before we jump into the top restaurants and unique foods to try, let’s look at some of the festivals that celebrate food in New Brunswick. 

Food Festivals in New Brunswick 

There is no better way to celebrate your love for food, than trying out the local cuisine. Food festivals are a great way to indulge and explore New Brunswick’s culinary culture. Shediac Lobster Festival in July is the most popular food festival. It happens in the town of Shediac, also known as the lobster capital of the world. From lobster-eating contests to lobster boat parades, this is an incredible food festival. 

food lovers guide to NB

Gather all beer bellies at the New Brunswick Beer Festival. Held annually in Fredericton in March, this festival features craft beer from breweries throughout the province and beyond. Visitors can sample a variety of beers, as well as enjoy food and live music.

Experience the best of traditional Scottish food, live music, games, dance performances, and so much more at the Miramichi Scottish Festival in July. It’s always amazing to see how the community gathers to honour the rich and fascinating Scottish culture. 

NB Food Guide

Saint John Ale House Beer Fest in August and New Brunswick Wine Festival in November are also two of the best celebrations that attract travellers from around the world. From beer sampling, to live entertainment, the beer fest goes beyond a fun weekend. At the wine festival, there are tastings, seminars, and food pairings from local and international vineyards. 

Three unique dishes to try in New Brunswick

When in New Brunswick, don’t miss out on every opportunity you get to try seafood, especially lobster. But, that’s not everything, there are many other local delicacies to try. 

Food Lovers Guide to New Brunswick

1. Ployee: A perfect cross between pancake and crepe, ployes are one of the local favourites for breakfast. Made with buckwheat and wheat flour, they are best served with butter or brown sugar. 

2. Potato Chips: Definitely not unique! You may have had potato chips elsewhere in the world, but the ones served in New Brunswick are class apart. From creamy dill-flavoured potato chips to storm chips, there are tons of flavours to try! 

Tricot an NB delicacy,New Brunswick food guide

3. Chicken Fricot: Originating from Acadian culture, chicken fricot is one of the best comfort foods you’ll have in New Brunswick. Served with homemade oven rolls or buttermilk biscuits, chicken fricot is unlike your average classic chicken soup. 

Must-Visit Restaurants in New Brunswick 

must visit restaurants in NB
1TH Mile by Jessica Emin

New Brunswick is definitely an underestimated destination, especially among foodies. Delicious dishes, a diverse culinary scene, fresh seafood, and tons of restaurants to dine at, what more could we ask for? Here’s a list of restaurants that must be on top of your foodie wish list. 

Food Lover's Guide to Newbrunswick

1. Saint John Ale House

Try beer-battered fish and chips, lobster risotto, and pulled pork tacos in a classic pub fare setting. This popular restaurant is located in Saint John and they are renowned for the creative dishes on their menu. 

2. The Canteen

Delicious sandwiches, soups, salads and so much more! The Canteen is a casual eatery in Dartmouth that serves one of the best lobster rolls ever! 

3. Little Louis’ Oyster Bar

Another great spot for seafood lovers, Little Louis’ Oyster Bar has an appetizing menu. From unique oyster dishes to scallops, and salmon, this restaurant is definitely a must-try. 

4. Tony’s Bistro & Patisserie

Tony's Bistro & Patisserie

This charming spot in Moncton is a great place to go for delicious baked goods and savoury items. Their menu features omelettes, quiches, and sandwiches that are perfect for a scrumptious brunch. 

5. Grannan’s Seafood & Grill

Grannan's Seafood & Grill

Stunning views of the harbour and delicious seafood dishes are best served at this waterfront restaurant in Uptown Saint John. Some of the most recommended dishes on their menu include lobster risotto, scallops, and seafood linguine. 

Whether you’re looking for upscale cuisine or casual pub fare, New Brunswick has something to offer every food lover. 

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